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"The walls saw a great man, now they are gone". Photo report from the destroyed Roman Shukhevych Museum in Lviv

On New Year's Eve, from 4:00 to 6:00 a.m., Lviv region was attacked by Shahed drones. "According to preliminary information, our region was attacked by 10 Shahed drones. There were no casualties," said Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovyi. All the enemy drones were shot down by the military of the "West" military group and mobile fire groups.

Photo by Roman Baluk. Lviv region, Dubliany

UAV debris hit the museum of UPA Commander General Roman Shukhevych on Bilohorshchia Street and the university in Dubliany (a suburb of Lviv), where OUN leader Stepan Bandera studied 100 years ago.

Photo by Roman Baluk. Lviv.

Fortunately, there were no casualties. Andriy Sadovyi reported that several private buildings in the suburbs of Lviv were damaged, and the Shukhevych Museum was completely destroyed.

Photo by Roman Baluk. Lviv.

When the photographer Roman Baluk arrived at the scene, firefighters were already rolling up their sleeves, and people were still standing around in confusion.

Photo by Roman Baluk. Lviv.

For Roman Baluk, the museum is a special place. The photographer, like Shukhevych, was a Plast member of one of the Chornomorets general kurens.

"The museum in Bila Horsha is quite an emotional place for me. My friends and I have repeatedly organized various events there. So, when I learned about the damage to the building as a result of the drone attack, I immediately had some strange feelings inside. Even though it's not my home, it's not a strange place either," says the photographer.

Photo by Roman Baluk

According to the museum staff, all valuable items were hidden at the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion. Nevertheless, at the site of the ruins, Roman Baluk was still looking for elements "that could be visually clung to."

"The walls saw a great man, now they are gone. But it will not affect the meaning and content of the story. I was taking photos and thought that the new museum will have an additional room with the history of this shelling, and maybe even these photos," - says Baluk.

The Agrarian University, where Stepan Bandera was a student, was also damaged.

Photo by Roman Baluk. Lviv region, Dubliany

The shock wave blew out the roofs of several buildings and windows in dormitories, and partially damaged a hospital, a chapel, and nearby residential buildings. However, the monument to the OUN leader symbolically remained intact.


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