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10 photos of February: a selection of key photos of the month from UAPP and Ukraїner

UAPP, in partnership with Ukraїner, is launching a series of publications of key photographs of the month related to the full-scale invasion.

Some of them capture a specific historical event, others are ordinary moments that have been talentedly transformed into a symbol. But all of them are part of the new history we are creating together.

An aerial view of the battlefield from a UAV near Avdiivka, Donetsk region. The field is littered with shell craters, broken Russian equipment and bodies. February 2024. Photo by Marian Kushnir.

An M113 armoured personnel carrier of the 58th separate mechanised brigade delivers soldiers to a combat position in Donetsk region. Photo by the photographer of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine Anton Shevelev.

A member of the Ukrainian Armed Forces rides in an MTLB to a position near Bakhmut. February 2024. Photo by Karina Pilyugina.

Elderly people are evacuated by rail from the frontline area in Donetsk region. February 2024. Photo by Yakiv Lyashenko.

Local residents during a commemoration ceremony under the destroyed bridge in Irpin on the second anniversary of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, 24 February 2024. Photo by Roman Pylypiy.

A Ukrainian Armed Forces serviceman, recently released from Russian captivity, covers his face with a flag while talking on the phone to his family. February 2024. Photo by Danylo Pavlov.

A girl on a swing next to a house that was damaged by Russian missile debris in Kyiv. February 2024. Photo by Serhiy Korovainyi.

In the second year of the war, 11-year-old Bohdan lives in a house damaged by shelling in Izium, Kharkiv region. February 2024. Photo by Oleksii Filippov.

Special Forces personnel of the Shaman unit of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine take part in training. February 2024. Photo by Serhii Mykhalchuk.

An artilleryman of the 93rd Brigade at a combat position in Donetsk region. Photo by soldier-photographer of the 93rd Brigade Mykola Oliynyk.


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