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100 iconic photos from TIME. Among them are only a few from Ukraine

In November, TIME magazine published the 100 best photos of the year.

"It's become clear in 2023, a year dominated by the rapid growth of artificial intelligence imagery, that photojournalism is more important than ever," writes Katherine Pomerantz, the magazine's photo editor.

The images highlight significant events and turning points of the outgoing year. The collection includes photos of the aftermath of the earthquake in Turkey and the collision of passenger trains in India, the coronation of the new British monarch, Charles III, photos of the regions of Israel affected by Hamas attacks and numerous wounded civilians in the Gaza Strip, as well as of the Russian-Ukrainian war.

This year, TIME's selection includes 9 photos from Ukraine. Last year, the number of photos from Ukraine was much higher - 25 images from leading Ukrainian and foreign photographers.

The photos show children injured in the war, soldiers on the front line, the work of medics at a stabilization center, and civilians fleeing a Russian missile attack:

Maxim Dondyuk for The New Yorker. The hands of a Ukrainian soldier with the 28th Brigade as he sits a few hundred meters from enemy trenches in Bakhmut on March 26. Because the soldiers are constantly digging trenches, many of their hands are cracked and black as the ground,

Yevhen Maloletka for AP. Ukrainian medics rescue a wounded soldier near Bakhmut on February 26,

Nicole Tang for the NYT. Young patients with painted faces in a shelter at the Okhmatdyt Children's Hospital in Kyiv on June 1,

David Guttenfelder for the NYT. A wounded Ukrainian soldier on a medical stretcher smokes his last cigarette before being taken away by medics from the Ukrainian volunteer medical battalion Hospitallers. Donetsk region of Ukraine, September 12,

Tyler Hicks for The New Yorker. All that is left of a Russian soldier on a road in the Donetsk region on September 26. The next day, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy announced that a summer counteroffensive had recaptured the village of Staromayorske from Russian troops,

Libkos for AP. An aerial view of Bakhmut, the site of the fiercest fighting with Russian troops in the Donetsk region of Ukraine, June 22,

Anna Kudryavtseva for Reuters. A wounded Ukrainian serviceman lies in a frontline medical stabilization center during Russia's attack on Ukraine, Donetsk region, Ukraine, April 23,

Daniel Cole for AP. Relatives and friends of Oleksiy Zavadsky, a Ukrainian soldier killed in action in Bakhmut on January 15, gather during his funeral in Bucha, Ukraine, on January 19,

Oleksandr Magula for AR. A family runs away from an explosion after a Russian rocket attack on a residential area in Pervomaisk. Kharkiv region, Ukraine, July 4.

"Like every photographer, I have photographed many graves of Ukrainian soldiers. My colleagues and I were on our way to Pervomaisk on an editorial assignment to shoot a farewell ceremony for a soldier," says Oleksandr Magula, author of the photo in the TIME selection. "We heard a distinctive rustling in the sky, followed by an explosion and panic. The first thing I saw was a mother with two girls running scared right at me. At that moment I took the first shots."


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