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"Arrival. Fire. Shining". The morning attack on Kharkiv in the photos of Yakov Lyashenko and Heorhiy Ivanchenko

On the night of November 3, Russians attacked Ukraine with forty Shahed drones and used an X-59 guided missile from the airspace of the temporarily occupied Kherson region. They managed to shoot down 24 drones and a missile. This was reported by the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Russian troops conducted 10 drone strikes in Kharkiv and the region. Around 00:45, there was a series of hits on the city of Kharkiv. Later, Mayor Igor Terekhov said that Russia had hit civilian objects in the city. Law enforcement officers recorded damage to private homes, an educational institution and cars in the city's Osnovyansky and Shevchenkivsky districts. "Two garages, 4 cars and an outbuilding were damaged. An educational institution was partially destroyed. A service station building, an inactive sewing shop and a residential building were also damaged. There were fires," said the head of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration, Oleh Syniehubov. The report states that 8 Kharkiv residents with acute stress reaction, including 2 children, sought medical attention. No one was injured.

"As a result of one of the hits, a service station caught fire: garages and cars were on fire. A two-story building nearby was partially destroyed. It was not a residential building, but there were sleeping places inside for people who had left the Russian-occupied territories. Rescuers are now dismantling the rubble," said Dmytro Chubenko, a spokesman for the Kharkiv Regional Prosecutor's Office.

Photographer Yakov Lyashenko was working at the scene. He noticed an elderly couple near a private house. "The man uses a walker to get around. When a fire broke out in their house, they barely escaped," says Yakiv Lyashenko. "The woman recalled that a few days before the incident, someone had taken pictures of the service station with a phone and she even called the police. However, this can only be a woman's guess."

On November 2, photographer Heorhiy Ivanchenko returned to Kharkiv from a long business trip. "There is a strange echoing sound on my street and all the motorcycles passing by always remind me of UAVs. However, that night I did not pay attention to these sounds. That was until the explosion - I looked out the window and saw a red glow. An arrival. A fire. I grabbed the camera and left," says Heorhiy Ivanchenko. According to the photographer, firefighters, police, and even residents of the houses near where the explosion occurred were all calm. "The services are doing their job in a balanced manner, without fear or stress. I filmed it. Other journalists have arrived, so we can go home to bed," Ivanchenko said.


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