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"Bakhmut - the face of the genocide of 1942-2022": the story of two crimes that are not forgotten

"Bakhmut - The Face of Genocide 1942-2022" is an exhibition that tells how a beautiful industrial city in Donetsk region became the site of two crimes committed by totalitarian regimes - 80 years apart.

This is a story about the city's past and present, its tragedies, and most importantly, about those who remained faithful to humanity and goodness despite the horrors of war.


The exhibition at Babyn Yar symbolically opened on August 1, as it was on August 1, 2022, that the Russian Ministry of Defense announced the start of a ground operation in Bakhmut.

The first "circle" of the exhibition is a story in texts, photographs, and witnesses' memories about the so-called Bakhmut Babyn Yar of 1941-1943 (when Bakhmut was Artemivsk), when the city was occupied by the Germans.

The second "circle" is represented by footage from Bakhmut in chronological order through the eyes of Ukrainian war correspondents: Kostiantyn and Vlada Liberov, Serhiy Korovainyi, Andriy Dubchak, and Heorhiy Ivanchenko.


According to Rosa Tapanova, the head of the "Babyn Yar" National Museum, almost every region in Ukraine has its own Babyn Yar, and there are thousands of stories of Jews being saved by Ukrainians that people have been unable to tell for a long time. Now the whole world sees how Russian neo-Nazis are committing genocide on our land. The parallels that we draw with this exhibition between the actions of the German fascists and the Russian invaders are not a comparison of who is the lesser evil. It is about the fact that evil has the same face, and this evil must be punished.


We are sharing mentions of this event in the Ukrainian media and invite you to visit the exhibition, which will run from 1 to 31 August 2023 at the "Living Memory" Exhibition Center, Babyn Yar.


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