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Cultural diplomacy through the lens: photo exhibitions at Ukrainian embassies around the world

We continue to implement cultural projects and actively participate in important international photographic events and exhibitions, representing Ukrainian photography on the world stage.

To develop cultural diplomacy and combat misinformation about events in Ukraine, we signed an agreement with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, under which in February, the embassies of Ukraine in Hungary, Italy, Austria, Georgia, Armenia, Australia, Cuba Vatican City, Germany, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Estonia, Great Britain, the United States, Norway, Israel, Vietnam, India and the Czech Republic, screenings of the film 20 Days in Mariupol and exhibitions dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the war and the 2nd anniversary of the full-scale invasion took place. All stands and exhibition materials mentioned as a partner and patron of UAPP.

"New York, Washington, Oklahoma, Montana, Texas, Indiana, Michigan, South Carolina, California... We spent the last month on the road, talking to everyone from politicians and diplomats at the State Department to people in small towns across America about journalism and war crimes investigations, about Ukrainians and their ongoing struggle to survive," said Mstyslav Chernov, director of the documentary 20 Days in Mariupol and president of UAPP.

The film 20 Days in Mariupol was recognized as the best documentary by the BAFTA Awards, as well as by a number of film critics' guilds and associations, including the London Society and the National Board of Film Critics in the United States. The film has already won 17 awards.

The Embassy of India in cooperation with the Embassy of Ukraine, the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in New Delhi, the Ukrainian Association of Professional Photographers and the Polish Institute in New Delhi organized a joint premiere of the photo exhibition "I Still Dream", which highlights the devastating impact of the Russian invasion on the children of Ukraine.

Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Iryna Borovets expressed gratitude for the continued commitment and support of our close partners - the United States and Poland. "This would not have been possible without the dedication and support of our reliable partners and dearest friends - the United States and Poland," she said. Ms. Borovets also emphasized the importance of joint efforts, opening the photo exhibition "I Still Dream" against the backdrop of inspiring news: the recent return of eleven Ukrainian children to their homeland. These children had been forcibly displaced by Russia. She emphasized: "That is why our joint efforts within the International Coalition for the Return of Ukrainian Children are so important."

The exhibition in Thailand is about the human cost of Russian aggression in Ukraine. The photographs tell stories of grief and loss of Ukrainians, as well as of mutual assistance and joint resistance.

Exhibition in Thailand

With the participation of Charge d'Affaires of Ukraine in the Czech Republic Vitaliy Usatyi, Director of the Foreign Affairs Department of the Office of the President of the Czech Republic Jaroslav Zaíček and Government Commissioner for the Restoration of Ukraine Tomáš Kopeční, a photo exhibition entitled "Ukrainian Invincibility" was opened in Prague Castle.

The photos taken by Ukrainian photographers demonstrate the reality in which Ukrainians have been living for two years, showing the real horrific nature of the "Russian world".

Exhibition "Ukrainian Invincibility" in Prague

"On February 24, the world commemorates the second anniversary of Russia's brutal and unjustified full-scale aggression against Ukraine. On this day, the Embassy of Ukraine in Hungary is organizing a photo exhibition "Destruction, Occupation, Genocide: Two Years of Russia's Bloody War Against Unbreakable Ukraine", - added Charge d'Affaires of Ukraine in Hungary Balogh Istvan.

Cafe Kyiv

Thanks to the fruitful cooperation with IWEK e.V. in Berlin, we managed to become a part of Cafe Kyiv, a large-scale pro-Ukrainian event for more than 5000 guests with 120 program items, about 200 speakers, including representatives of the UAPP, 9 films and 12 exhibitions. In particular, the exhibition "Armed Truth: 10 Years of the Revolution of Dignity and Euromaidan in Ukraine" and a public talk with Olga Kovaleva, project manager, and Kateryna Moskaliuk, UAPP journalist.

"Alongside our continued substantial support for Ukraine, we would like to focus more on the European future of this country. Ten years after the Revolution of Dignity, in 2024, we are once again holding the Cafe Kyiv event in Berlin and proclaiming: Ukraine's future is in Europe!" - added Bohdan Miftakhov, representative of the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung.

Also on January 16-18, 2024, the PinchukArtCentre, together with the Office of the President of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Association of Professional Photographers, held the project "Deciding Your Tomorrow" on the occasion of the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Photo: Nicolas Lobet

We are grateful to and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine for their support and amplification of Ukrainian voices for international support of Ukraine.


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