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An exhibition of photo books from the shortlist of the Dummy Award 2023 was brought to Lviv

The Dummy Award is an international competition for the best unpublished photobook layout for photographers from all over the world. The Lviv Art Library is hosting an exhibition of shortlisted photo books. Previously, the exhibition was presented at photo festivals and galleries in Tokyo, Dublin, Ankara, Paris, Berlin, London, Cologne, New Delhi, Istanbul, Kyoto, Rome, and other cities. The contest is popular among photographers from all over the world.

Photo by Olya Lyashchuk

"The winning photobooks get the chance to be published," says Rostyslav Kuzyk, head of the Art Library. "We had the opportunity to showcase 50 books from the shortlist for 2023. These books were on a world tour and visited more than 20 cities in different countries. Finally, they came to us. We've actually been working on this for a while. Lviv is the last city on this tour."

Head of the Art Library Rostyslav Kuzyk. Photo by Ola Liashchuk

The topics of the photo books are diverse: from social and political to personal experiences. "To me, these are more than just photo books. There is probably not a single one here that would be a classic photo book. These are hybrid formats, experiments, and a search not only for an interesting visual language, but also for new forms of embodying this visual language," Rostyslav explains.

Photographers from Ukraine also took part in the Dummy Award 2023 competition. Three Ukrainian photo books were shortlisted: "Photography Firmly Enters the Everyday" by Anna Pylypiuk and Volodymyr Shipotilnikov; "100 Days of War" by Igor Chekachkov; and "Loss" by Kateryna Motylova. Two of these three books were among the five winners - the work of Anna Pylypiuk and Volodymyr Shipotilnikov and the work of Ihor Chekachkov.

Photo by Olya Lyashchuk

"Many Ukrainian photographers applied for this competition, but the three places taken is a very good result for our country," Rostyslav says, and also encourages Ukrainian artists to join the competition, as participation is free for them.

All 50 books, including the winning books, are on display at the Art Library until April 18 from 11:30 to 20:00 every day except Monday. The entrance is free.

The exhibition is organized in partnership with the Kassel Fotobook Festival and IST Publishing, which highlights innovative and creative practices in the field of photobooks.


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