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Finalists of the Ukrainian team selection for the World Photographic Cup 2024

Ukrainian Association of Professional Photographers as a representative of the international Federation of European Photographers announces the finalists who will represent the team of authors from Ukraine.

The World Photographic Cup is a competition for teams of photographers representing their country in 10 categories:

  • Commercial (including advertising, architecture, industry, fashion, etc.)

  • Illustrative / Digital art

  • Nature / Landscape

  • Nature / Wildlife 

  • Illustrative portrait

  • Natural portrait

  • Reportage / Photojournalism

  • Sports

  • Wedding staging

  • Wedding documentary

The finalists will be announced on January 30, 2024.

The offline award ceremony will take place in Dallas, Texas in April 2024.

Category Reportage / Photojournalism

Category Sports

Category Nature portrait

Category Nature / Wildlife

Category Wedding staging

Category Illustrative portrait

Category Nature / Landscape

Category Commercial photography

Category Wedding documentary

Category Illustrative / Digital art


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