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Insurance coverage of up to $100,000 for media professionals at war. Who can apply, how and when

Photo by Olga Kovaleva

Since May 2024, the International Fund to Protect Journalists (IFJ) has resumed accepting applications from Ukrainian journalists, fixers, photographers and videographers who perform editorial tasks in combat zones. This was reported by the Institute of Mass Information with reference to the Association of Independent Regional Publishers of Ukraine.

Who can be insured?

Fixers, journalists/videographers/editors/photographers of independent Ukrainian media who go on an official business trip to combat zones, liberated territories, border areas with Russia and Belarus, frontline territories and have protective equipment. Priority is given to those who have undergone safety training and first aid courses.

How to do it?

You can apply here.

For how long can I get insurance?

From 1 to 20 days per journalist and videographer/editor/photographer who are members of the same team traveling on a business trip.

What does the insurance cover?

Insurance coverage is up to USD 100 thousand to reimburse medical expenses in case of injury. In the event of a journalist's death, the family receives $100 thousand.

Who determines which applications are approved?

The IFESJ Coordinating Council reviews each application and makes a decision. In case of a positive decision, the applicant will be contacted by the coordinators. Due to the large number of applications, the organizers reserve the right not to notify of a negative decision. Applications from representatives of media outlets that are honest and adhere to the Code of Journalistic Ethics will be accepted.

In 2022 and 2023, the International Journalists' Insurance Fund processed 298 applications from media professionals for 886 insurance days. There have been no insured events since the project's inception. Questions can be sent to the following email address:

The International Journalists' Insurance Fund is an initiative of six non-governmental organizations: Association of Independent Regional Publishers of Ukraine, Souspilnist Foundation, Institute of Mass Information, Detector Media, CEDEM, and IRPP.


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