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Mykolaiv photographers invite to the exhibition «MYPH: Tattoos of War»

Photo on the poster by Aynur Sakisheva 

When?: March 29 at 18:00

Where?: m. Mykolaiv, Portal shopping center, 2nd floor (hall near the escalator to the 3rd floor)

Entrance to the exhibition is free

Curator: Sergey Melnichenko

MYPH, a well-known school of conceptual and art photography in the South of Ukraine, invites five winners of the sub-grant program, who received $750 as part of the project Mykolaiv School of Photography (MYPH): Tattoos of War".

Photo by Sofia Tchaikovska

In their photo projects, the artists tell personal stories of residents of the southern region of Ukraine, their experience of living through the war. In this way, the authors create an art therapy effect by recording the consequences of Russian aggression.

"The War Tattoo project is about layers, layers. It's about collective memory. It's about reflection. About feelings and emotions. About what will stay with us forever - our collective memories. Everyone has their own, but we all have the same memories. About pain," the message says.

Photo by Sofia Tchaikovska

Featured artists:

Artem Humilevsky — "Hands that smell like bread"

Veronika Mol "Imprint of Memories"

Sofia Tchaikovska — "The Limit of Definition"

Oleksandr Savchuk "The Found Puzzle"

Ainur Sakisheva "War in the anamnesis"

The organizers will also hold an art therapy photography workshop for a wide audience in Mykolaiv.

The exhibition will last until April 28, 2024.

Photo by Oleksandr Savchuk

The MYPH school of conceptual and art photography was founded by Serhiy Melnychenko in his hometown of Mykolaiv. The school aims to popularize and understand contemporary conceptual and artistic photography among artists. During Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Mykolaiv photographers took an active volunteer position. Some joined the ranks of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, and some switched from artistic photography to documentary photography to record the consequences of the occupiers' actions. MYPH founder Serhii Melnychenko told UAPF readers about the training of young photographers, their projects, his projects, and the impact of the war on photography in Mykolaiv

The project "Mykolaiv School of Photography (MYPH): Tattoos of War" is supported within the framework of the (re)connection UA 2023/24 program implemented by the Museum of Modern Art and the Ukrainian Emergency Art Fund (UEAF) in partnership with UNESCO and funded through the UNESCO Emergency Fund for Heritage. The (re)connection UA 2023/24 program aims to restore connections between artists and their audiences, support artists as actors in preserving Ukraine's cultural identity, implement new approaches to the culture of memory, and strengthen the resilience and adaptability of institutions, communities, and artists to the challenges of wartime.


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