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Open call 4 World Photographic Cup 2024We, as a representative of the International Federation of European Photographers

We, as a representative of the International Federation of European Photographers, in partnership with Lustre full-cycle photo production, announce the start of the selection of members of the Ukrainian team of photographers who will represent Ukraine at the World Photographic Cup 2024

The World Photographic Cup is a competition for teams of photographers representing their country in 10 categories:

  • Commercial (including advertising, architecture, industry, fashion, etc.)

  • Illustrative / Digital art

  • Nature / Landscape

  • Nature / Wildlife

  • Illustrative portrait

  • Nature portrait

  • Reportage / Photojournalism

  • Sports

  • Wedding Open (wedding production)

  • Wedding documentary

Is it appropriate to cover other genres of photography that continue to live in the Ukrainian military realities? UAPP's position here is unequivocal: our focus remains on covering our fight against the aggressor, the lives of Ukrainians in the current difficult conditions, and drawing the world's attention to the events in Ukraine. This is currently the most important goal we are working towards and for which we have organized more than 150 exhibition projects in the United States, Belgium, Latin America, Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, the Republic of Cyprus, Switzerland, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Canada, Portugal, Italy, the United Kingdom, India, France, Georgia, Finland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Ukraine over the past year and a half. Nevertheless, as an organization representing the Ukrainian photographic community worldwide, we decided to give all authors of all genres the opportunity to participate in this collective competition. In addition, the existence and development of all photographic genres in the current Ukrainian conditions is also an indicator of our resilience and perseverance.

So we have found an elegant way to stay with our focus theme. You will have the opportunity to apply for both the Ukrainian team and our special project by simply checking the right box, if your work is related to the war in some way. The special project aims to show how the war affects all aspects of life and even every genre of photography.

That is, if you submit a work in the wedding genre, but you have military personnel, volunteers or the wedding takes place in a shelter, we will include your work in a separate selection that will be published on our platforms with comments from the authors. The same goes for other genres.

Let's clarify, just in case: when you submit an image of a soldier in the "portrait" category, you will be entered into the competition, where works are evaluated solely by level, regardless of topic, and will be selected for our project. In the first case, you can join the team from Ukraine and win an award in the Cup, and in the second case, your photos and their stories can also be published on our platforms and subsequently exhibited at our exhibitions.

And now a few details about the presentation.


From July 14 to October 1 - selection of works that will represent the team of authors from Ukraine.

From November 12 to December 3 - judging of the works.

The finalists and the best of the best will be announced on January 30, 2024.

The offline award ceremony will take place in Dallas, Texas in April 2024.

The jury selects the team that will represent Ukraine:

Valentyn Kuzan

Yaroslav Danylchenko

Yurko Dyachyshyn

Igor Efimov

Viktor Demin

Taras Bychko

Marta Syrko

Anton Veretin

Stanislav Vedmid

Oleksandr Brenko

How many photographers should be in the team?

On behalf of Ukraine, we can submit up to 3 images in each category. The same photographer can submit a photo in several categories (even in all 10 categories!), but in one category the authors must be different. This is similar to the Olympic Games, where an athlete can compete in several disciplines, but cannot apply for the same discipline twice. Accordingly, the number of images is 24, and the number of photographers can be from 3 to 24.

What is the registration fee?

The fee for team participation ranges from €300 to €400, but this year's participation of the team from Ukraine was made free of charge as a sign of solidarity. For which we are extremely grateful.

How are the images submitted?

Applications will be selected for submission to the international competition by the jury members from Ukraine. Later, the finalists will be added through the WPC online submission system and the works will be evaluated by the international jury.

Technical requirements for participation:

Images should have the following parameters: size not less than 4000 pixels on the long side, JPEG 10 or 12 format (maximum) and up to 16 megabytes in size. Built-in profile: sRGB, Adobe 98 or Greyscale.

You can submit your works at the link


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