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Reporters in partnership with UAPP released a special issue in English

The special issue includes 155 of the most powerful documentary images of the full-scale war by the country's leading photographers, as well as texts by famous Ukrainian writers and publicists.

The cover image is a shot of a Ukrainian officer of the Special Operations Forces "Scythian" coordinating the actions of his team during a night mission on the Dnipro River in Kherson Oblast, Ukraine, on June 16, 2023, by Mstyslav Chernov, founder of UAPP.

The 155 photos in the issue were not chosen by chance. This is an allusion to 155 mm, the caliber of Western weapons that the Ukrainian Armed Forces receive from the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Lithuania, Germany, Poland, and other partners, and with which Ukraine is fighting more successfully.

"Russia's war against Ukraine is changing world history. And Ukrainians, with their courage in confronting the aggressor and defending their country and its values, are becoming an example for the entire civilized world." - Danylo Pavlov, photo editor at Reporters.

The purpose of the English-language special issue of Reporters is to encourage the West to continue supporting Ukraine. A part of the issue will be distributed through diplomatic missions and organizations abroad. You can purchase the magazine here.


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