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Russians shelled a railway station in Kherson - the consequences of the tragedy in a photo report by Oleh Palchyk

On December 26, almost 150 people were waiting for the evening train. It was at that moment that Russians began shelling Kherson, including the train station. The attack killed a police officer who was helping to evacuate people. Interior Minister Ihor Klymenko said that two of his colleagues and several civilians were injured.

"The city suffered from attacks by various types of weapons: artillery and Shahed," said photojournalist Oleg Palchyk.

"The command services worked quickly and efficiently, instead of windows they installed OSB boards, which now "flaunt" the whole Kherson," the photographer emphasized.

In addition, after the last attack by enemy drones on the night of December 27, Kherson lost power and water.

"Unfortunately, the locals have long been accustomed to such situations, so in the morning Kherson residents continued to live their lives. The first generators to start working were in pet stores and coffee shops. This is how Kherson is recovering from the devastating attacks," says Oleg.

As a reminder, the occupants have intensified shelling of Kherson in recent days.


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