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Songs from underground. Mykhailo Palinchak filmed a schoolchildren's lesson in Kharkiv region

In the border areas of the Kharkiv region, schools are teaching online. Volunteers, together with teachers and a psychologist, organize social interaction activities once a week.

«I took the photos on September 7, 2023, during a trip with volunteers to the villages of the Kharkiv region. The villages were under occupation and are quite close to the Russian border,» says Mykhailo Palinchak. During the visit to the school, an air raid was announced and the teachers moved the children to a shelter in a neighboring building. The school does not have a bomb shelter.

The children and their teachers were huddled in the narrow corridors of the shelter. Adults hugged the youngest and lit the room with cell phone flashlights. Everyone sang the national anthem and patriotic songs together.


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