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Support program for 10 Ukrainian photographers and their projects

The project "Documentary Photographers on the Frontline: Supporting Ukrainian Photographers and Their Projects" is an important step in supporting Ukrainian documentary photographers who risk their lives to tell the truth about the military conflict in Ukraine. By providing financial resources, training and security support, UAPP will contribute to the development of this important profession and broaden the world's understanding of the situation in Ukraine.

UAPP will conduct training for project participants on behavior in dangerous environments, including mine safety and first aid. These trainings will be developed together with security experts to teach photographers how to work effectively on the front line while minimizing risks to their lives.

The Foundation will also provide 10 sub-grants of $1,000 each for expeditions to war zones to create their own photo project (minimum 10 photos).

Program implementation period

From August 25 to September 25: applications for documentary projects are accepted

October 10 - announcement of 10 winners

October 20 - training in Kyiv on mine safety and first aid

November 1-30 - project implementation

December 1-15 - presentation of projects on the association's pages

Who can apply

📌 Photographers of any specialization and direction;

📌 Photojournalists and photojournalists.

In addition to professional affiliation, the selection criteria include:

📌 Difficult life circumstances caused by the war - loss of access to resources for development, security and financial stability;

📌 Residence on the territory of Ukraine.

There are no age restrictions.

Evaluation and selection of participants

Participants will be selected on a competitive basis and evaluated by the UAPF expert team based on the subject matter, importance, innovation, and potential for international impact of the proposed photo projects. Special attention will be paid to those projects that document human rights violations and international war crimes.

As part of the agreement, the photographer reserves the copyright to the photos taken by him or her, and UAPP will have the exclusive right to share the results of the participants' projects on its resources to promote the artists and the issues they document.

The project will result in high-quality and important photographic documents that will testify to the war in Ukraine and support international awareness of these issues.

The application form is available here.


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