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Kremlin's narratives. Russia continues to justify the shelling of civilian targets with fakes about the location of Ukrainian troops

The Ukrainian Association of Professional Photographers continues to work on the “Is it true?” section, where it will check the authenticity of certain manipulations of information by referring to the original source.

In our previous article, we wrote about how Russian propagandists use photos of Vlada and Konstantin Liberov to hide the murders of civilians in Vovchansk.

Today we will discuss whether the photo of UAPF member Pavlo Pakhomenko, taken from the site of the shelling of a utility company, is actually a place where the Ukrainian military is based.

Photo by Pavlo Pakhomenko

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, Kharkiv has been subjected to constant bombardment. The enemy attacks not only military and critical infrastructure, but also shopping centers, printing houses, residential buildings, etc.

The propaganda media continue to justify the bombing of civilian targets in Ukraine, and in Kharkiv in particular, using the same narrative. Ukraine allegedly uses civilian objects for military purposes, so they are “legitimate targets.”

Thus, on the night of May 30, the Russian army shelled 2 locations in Kharkiv. The shelling damaged critical infrastructure and nearby residential buildings. The two-story administrative building of the municipal utility company was partially damaged and then caught fire. Seven people were lightly injured.

At the scene, photographer Pavlo Pakhomenko recorded the consequences of the shelling of the utility company.

"I was filming for the "Nakypilo" TV channel on May 30. A utility company was hit and windows were smashed in a neighboring house. What I saw - of course, there were no military there. I have no idea what they hit there. I didn't see any missile debris, so I can't say what they hit with. But it was definitely not a drone. Usually, Kharkiv is hit with modified S-300s. But it is better to check with officials,” commented Pavlo Pakhomenko.

Ukrainian photographers and documentary filmmakers remain professional and unbiased in their work documenting the war crimes of the Russian army.

Russia, on the other hand, uses disinformation as a weapon to target domestic, Ukrainian, and international audiences. The Russians justify the shelling of residential buildings by demonstrating that the priority task of the Russian army is to destroy the personnel of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

For example, the Russian news outlet Yuzhnaya Sluzhba Novostei published a story about another destruction of Ukrainian military units. To demonstrate the extent of the destruction of a utility company in Kharkiv, a photo collage was used with a photo of Pavlo Pakhomenko from the scene of the events on May 30, citing the telegram channel “Directed to Ukraine.”

"The Russian army struck at the place of temporary deployment of Ukrainian troops in Kharkiv. The reconstructed recreation center “Bunker” was used as a temporary accommodation point. In addition, it is reported that the territory of the Animal Training Academy, where Ukrainian militants have been stationed in varying numbers since May 10, was destroyed,” the propaganda outlet writes under Pavel's photo.


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