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The Ukrainian street photography community has changed its name. The founders explain the reasons

Photo by Oleh Petrasyuk. January 2, 2024. Firefighters work to extinguish a fire near a car dealership after a missile strike in Kyiv


It opens new horizons and plans to reach a new level. The most popular Facebook group among the Ukrainian photography community, Ukrainian Street Photography, has changed its name to Ukrainian Documentary Photography. Now the scope of the group's visual repertoire will be even wider, but the rules for publishing will remain in place. The administrators of the online community call these changes "natural."

Photo by Denys Cherviak. Kyiv, November 2023

Volodymyr Petrov, one of the three founders of the group, says that street photography becomes more serious in times of war because it records history.

Photo by Svitlana Koroleva. Kyiv, October 2023

"Our country has been at war for almost 10 years now. And after the full-scale invasion, many people 'put their lives on hold' and put their cameras on the shelf. Some went to the army to defend their homeland and their families. Someone became a volunteer. Someone was forced to become an internally displaced person. Everyone is working to support the military. This new reality gave rise to many young photographers and caused changes in experienced authors. The subject matter of the shootings has changed along with them," - the group's official Facebook post reads.

Photo by Adrian Dovh. Lviv, September 2023

In 2017, the Ukrainian Street Photography community was founded by two other photographers, Mykhailo Palinchak and Taras Bychko, in addition to Volodymyr Petrov. The goal of the group is to organize a platform for communication between like-minded people with common interests. Since then, 18.7 thousand members have signed up and it has become the largest community of street photographers in Ukraine.

Since the group was founded, many authors have been able to be heard and develop creatively. "The group was created because there was nothing like it in the Ukrainian space at the time," recalls Volodymyr Petrov, "It became a phenomenon because we first implemented the principle of limited opportunities for publication. The administrators of the group have a fairly high level of visual experience, and all the photos went through a pre-moderation mechanism. This created excitement among beginner photographers. Some authors have grown as a result."

Photo by Viacheslav Okun. Pyatikhatky, August 2023

The co-founders of the group hope that with the change of concept, new faces will join the ranks of photographers. "Keeping pace with the times and the extraordinary challenges of our time, we will be looking forward to seeing the photographs of authors who are being formed and tempered in these remarkable days," said Volodymyr Petrov. He and the group's co-founders are working on new ideas for the development of the online community, including its supporters and authors.

Photo by Tetiana Fomenko. Kharkiv, April 2023

The administrators of the group invite authors to publish documentary images, series, and projects. They hope that there will be more content and promise to maintain the appropriate level of visual quality.


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