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What did the international press publish? A selection of photos by members of the Ukrainian Association of Professional Photographers

Photos of members of the Ukrainian Association of Professional Photographers in the international press: February and March selection. UAPF is proud of the Ukrainian documentary photographers whose photos represent Ukraine in the international media and once again draw attention to the Russian-Ukrainian war. That is why the association is launching a monthly column on photos of Ukrainian documentary filmmakers that have traveled the world.

Documentary photographer Serhiy Korovainyi's photos from the opening ceremony of the Heroes' Cross memorial on the second anniversary of Russia's invasion of Ukraine were published on the front page of The Wall Street Journal. Sergiy Korovainy's documentary photographs for The Wall Street Journal were also included in the article "Ukraine's Other Battle for Survival: Keeping Companies in Business."

A story about Ukrainian children abducted by Russia with photos of Serhiy Korovainy was published in the February issue of the German magazine Der Spiegel. "Sergiy was 16 years old when Russian troops came to his village and took him away against his parents' will. He is one of thousands of Ukrainian children who have been in Russia since the beginning of the war. Now he has returned to his homeland, and his father asks himself: is he still my son?" the article says.

Documentary filmmaker Sasha Maslov took photos for a French newspaper Liberation.

In February, Liberation dedicated its cover to Ukrainian soldiers who were returned from Russian captivity. The photo was taken by Sasha Maslov.

The photos of Konstantin and Vlada Liberov appeared in the news on CNN, YaHoo, Business Insider, and were included in The Guardian's photo of the week.

The photos of documentary filmmaker Roman Pylypiy were included in the photo selection of the week by The Guardian. Roman's photos are dedicated to the second anniversary of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. In the photo, Ukrainians honor the memory of the fallen Ukrainians under the bridge in Irpin, Kyiv region.

In March, Roman Pypypiy's photographs were twice featured in CNN's weekly selections. Photos of Kyiv residents in the subway and civilian women training.

In addition, Roman Pylypiy's image of a soldier kissing his beloved at the train station in Sloviansk was included in The Guardian's top 20 photos of the week.

Alina Smutko's documentary photos of the aftermath of one of the largest Russian missile strikes on Kyiv on March 21 were published by Reuters

В’ячеслав Ратинський теж документував наслідки чергового російського обстрілу по столиці України для Reuters

Also in March, Reuters published photographs by Vyacheslav Ratynsky of Ukrainian recruits training. The story was headlined: "Preparing for battle: Ukrainian recruits and volunteers train to strengthen defense against Russia".

Photographs of the aftermath of Russian strikes on Kharkiv by Yakiv Lyashenko were published by the British newspaper The Guardian and the Swiss French-language daily Le Temps.

The Associated Press published a photo of a soldier in a trench by Iryna Rybakova and a photo of Kyiv in the evening by Oleksandr Babenko.

The Associated Press also published a photo report by Yevhen Malolietka about the production of weapons at a private mortar factory.

A photo of President Volodymyr Zelenskyy taken by Olha Ivashchenko made it to the pages of The Globe and Mail.

In addition, Olga Ivashchenko's documentary images from Donbas visually complemented several reports by The Globe and Mail.

Journalists of The Washington Post added Oksana Parafeniuk's photos to a longread about Ukraine's European integration.

In addition, Oksana Perfenyuk's photos complemented a story for The Washington Post about how Ukrainian writer Andriy Kurkov searches for inspiration for his books in the KGB archives.

Lviv-based photographer Yurko Dyachyshyn spoke to the European fashion magazine NSS MAGAZINE about the famous homeless man Slavik and "his life 10 years after his sudden fame." Yurko Diachyshyn is known worldwide for Slavik's Fashion, a project implemented between 2011 and 2013 about a homeless man whom Diachyshyn meets on the streets of his native Lviv.

"Slavik's Fashion has attracted the attention of famous publications as well as fashion visionaries, from Lotta Volkova to Kanye. In 2016, the then artistic director of Vtmnts, Demna Gvasalia, drew inspiration from Slavik's suits for the brand's first men's collection, officially cementing the connection between Ukrainian photographer Slavik and the fashion world. Even in 2022, the brand's SS22 collection largely resembled the images worn by the man on the streets of Lviv," the publication says.

The works presented in this article are not the whole list of published photographs by Ukrainian photographers in foreign media. Therefore, we urge documentary filmmakers to feel free to write about their own foreign publications in their social networks and mention UAPF so that we do not miss any achievements in the next selections.


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