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Working in war: how the week of training for photographers went

As part of the micro-grant program, 10 photographers underwent a week of comprehensive training, including first aid, tactical medicine, security and a course on survival in combat conditions.

For the first five days, Legion D, a volunteer formation of the Kyiv local community, developed a safety training for journalists working in dangerous environments. This training was developed together with security experts in accordance with international protocols to teach photographers how to work effectively on the front line while minimizing risks to their lives. The program included:

  • Tactical medicine

  • Digital security

  • Risk assessment

  • Mine safety

  • Survival in combat conditions

In cooperation with the Ukrainian Legal Advisory Group, Frontliner, and WITNESS, a two-day training on the rules for documenting international war crimes and human rights violations was developed. The training provided practical recommendations to help photographers properly document and analyze important events related to the military conflict in Ukraine for the purpose of international coverage of these issues. They also learned about the rules for publishing photos and protecting intellectual property.

The Institute of Mass Information provided complete first aid kits, including a tourniquet, thermal blanket, hemostatic bandage, and occlusive stickers for emergency first aid.

A first aid kit cannot help save the life and health of yourself or others. Only a set of knowledge and skills in first aid and a properly stocked first aid kit can help you provide first aid to yourself and others.

The project "Documentary Photographers on the Frontline: Supporting Ukrainian Photographers and Their Projects" is an important step in supporting Ukrainian documentary photographers who risk their lives to tell the truth about the military conflict in Ukraine. By providing financial resources, training and security support, UAPF will contribute to the development of this important profession and broaden the world's understanding of the situation in Ukraine.

The next step will be the implementation of 10 documentary projects by the participants and their further coverage on our platforms.

The program is implemented with the support of the International Press Institute.


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