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ZMIN Foundation supported the creation of a "photo chronicle of the war"

Visualizing Ukrainian history together

UAPF is a community of professional Ukrainian photographers. For 10 years, we have been telling the world about Ukraine through the lens of photography.

We are not limited to project activities, but also actively develop the media component. Our approach to media projects allows us to reach a wider audience and popularize documentary photography not only in Ukraine but also on the world stage.

The War Photo Chronicles project will demonstrate the significance of the transformations that our country is going through, as well as the value of documentary photography, which in times of war is not just a source of evidence of events, but a powerful weapon against propaganda and falsification of history.

Our goal is to preserve the history of the resistance of the Ukrainian people for future generations and to gather key documentary and artistic photo projects related to the events of the full-scale invasion and its consequences on a single platform.

In total, 167 applications were submitted to the competition, 41 projects were considered at the second stage of selection, and we were among the ten finalists.

The project will be implemented thanks to the support of ЗМІN.


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