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Exhibition "NA4JOPM8". Igor Chekachkov

"Wonderful news! We've managed to restore 98% of the information," could be the opening lines of the story "NA4JOPM8" by Igor Chekachkov, from the words of the service center employee. The project's title is the serial number of a hard drive with a memory capacity of 3TB and with 250,000 photographs inside, spanning a decade, starting from 2007.

In reality, the files were only restored with significant damage: images overlaid one on another, breaking apart with vibrant colored stripes. The tragedy, which was overcome in stages (first by setting the disk aside, then reviewing all the damaged files, and finally selecting material from them), transformed into a series - a photobook and an exhibition. Speaking about his approach, Igor Chekachkov says, "...the photograph that interests me most is when I respond without making anything up."

"NA4JOPM8" is, in a way, a reaction that at first glance appears as an intervention. The series is a response to loss, an attempt to come to terms with the destruction of a decade-long archive, in which reportage photography and the most personal shots were combined. It realized the artistic concept that Igor Chekachkov had harbored for several years - to connect the private and the public in a single photographic image.

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