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They are fighting for us too

Pelt (Belgium), Houston (USA), Prague, Heb (Czech Republic)


UAPP in collaboration with colleagues from the Association of Professional Photographers of the Czech Republic and the Federation of European Photographers, opened a series of exhibition projects of UAPP participants titled 'They are fighting for us' in the Czech Republic, Belgium and USA.


The exhibition featured over 200 photographs documenting the expressive evidence of Russian aggression and genocide, the lives of ordinary people in war, and the courageous struggle of the Ukrainian people not only for their own freedom but for the freedom of the whole world.


The project had a great impact and helped the international community to feel and understand more deeply how war can and does affect the entire civilized world. The curators and participants drew attention to crucial issues such as security, peace and freedom. Ultimately, photography has become one of the most influential tools that bring the truth of war to the world, directly influence strategic decision-making, and, in the end, give Ukraine solidarity and support.

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