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Exhibition "Ukrainian Guernica"

The Ukrainian Association of Professional Photographers (UAPP) in collaboration with the Bereznitsky Art Foundation organized a charitable exhibition "Ukrainian Guernica". It opened on May 5, 2022, at the Factory Gallery in Tbilisi. The project was supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and under the patronage of the First Lady of Ukraine, Olena Zelenska.

The goal of the project is to draw attention to the war in Ukraine and to present to the world documentary evidence of Russia's unlawful aggression and war crimes. Funds from the exhibition were spent on purchasing ambulances for use at the frontline by Ukrainian doctors.

"Ukrainian Guernica" is the first charitable exhibition to take place in Georgia, co-organized by Sofia Chkonia and her charitable foundation BeNext. "Today, Ukrainians are fighting not only for the freedom of their country but also for the freedom and democracy of the world. Every day we observe the tyranny and terrorism of Russia killing innocent people and civilians. It's time to act and respond, and we all have to fight together with the Ukrainian people in every possible way," said Sofia Chkonia.

The exhibition featured over 40 photographs taken by international photographers during two months of the war, as well as documented audio and video files. The works of Pavlo Petrov, Yevhen Maloletka, Mstyslav Chernov, Alex Kent, Christopher Occhicone, Ron Haviv, and others were showcased.

The curator of the exhibition was Yevhen Bereznitsky, the founder of the Bereznitsky Art Foundation. "Humanity is witnessing barbarism, cruelty, and blatant lies, which are evidence of systemic flaws in the structure of international relations and represent a crisis of moral foundations. Russia is committing genocide in Ukraine, and this changes the system of political priorities and strategies for all democratic countries in the world. Issues that were once off the table have suddenly become vital and require immediate attention," said Yevhen Bereznitsky.

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