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Virtual gallery: Unbreakable. Chronicles of the war in Ukraine

Now we are not just standing on the threshold of a new age in the history of Ukraine, we have already taken a step forward and crossed this threshold. Every day, since February 24, 2022, we all have been building new Ukraine together at the cost of incredible efforts, painful transformations, and, unfortunately, human losses. The purpose of this project is to convey the significance of the transformations that our country is undergoing, as well as to show the value of documentary photography, which in wartime is not just a source of evidence, but a powerful weapon against propaganda and falsification of history.

Part 2

The virtual gallery presents well-known images that have already become part of world history – the consequences of the air strike on the maternity hospital in Mariupol, liberated cities that were occupied by Russian troops, and mass graves in which thousands of peaceful Ukrainians are buried. The gallery also features photos that have not yet been published. One way or another, each photo in the gallery is a symbol of the struggle, unity and inviolability of the Ukrainian people. East and west, politicians and ordinary people, military and civilians – all united in a common desire to repel the enemy and defend their land. Not only we, the citizens of Ukraine, united, almost the whole world united around us, watching with horror the atrocities of the Russian occupiers, and, at the same time with admiration, – the courage and steadfastness of Ukrainians. We are not alone, but with us is the strength and support of the entire civilized world, because this is a war for democratic values shared by all countries where democracy and freedom of speech prevail.

Part 3

In the project, we study the chronicles of the war in Ukraine, which were witnessed by dozens of Ukrainian photographers. Their photos helped to create a unique artistic space that will be the starting point of a new era in the history of Ukraine and show it to the world. Our goal is to support Ukrainian documentarians who are constantly risking their lives and, in addition to physical violence, receive threats and are under great pressure to cover the "unfavorable" truth for the occupier. After all, the information front is no less important than the military, and the courage of documentary photographers who show the true events of the war is equated to the courage of the military with weapons in hand.

We believe that a story without a photo is just a word. Unfortunately, no one believes in words in the modern world. And it is photography that is the indisputable document that conveys the truth and prevents the disperagement and rewriting of our history.

Virtual gallery created by KIVO 3D

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