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The book "How we see"

IST Publishing is an independent small publishing house specializing in books on contemporary culture and art. It was founded by like-minded individuals: Kateryna Nosko, Anastasia Leonova, and Boris Filonenko. Our focus is on publishing research on Ukrainian art with subsequent translation into foreign languages. Another aspect of the publishing house's activity is the translation of foundational texts on art theory and history, art philosophy, and the sociology of culture from leading foreign researchers into Ukrainian. A particular interest of the editorial team is the publication of art books.

The book "How We See" by British art critic John Berger is one of the most widely read contemporary texts on art. Berger focuses on how people perceive works of art and, using painting and advertising as examples, demonstrates that alongside narrative content, images carry an ideological charge. The means of reproduction influence our current attitude towards artistic works. The art critic posits that art texts should not only be authoritative statements about art but should also foster the readers' ability to see and express themselves. Berger is one of the defining English-speaking art critics of the second half of the 20th century. With texts on ways of seeing, photography, art, and revolution, he also made a significant contribution to popularizing a contemporary view of art for a broad audience. In universities worldwide, Berger's book is a mandatory reading for art courses and remains a cited source on topics like "art in the age of its technical reproduction" (Berger develops Walter Benjamin's ideas), the depiction of women in art, and the connections between oil painting and advertising.

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