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Daria Hladkova

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My name is Darya Gladkova. I am a professional beauty and fashion photographer. I was born and raised in Kyiv, Ukraine. I started my career in photography 8 years ago as a retoucher and photographer's assistant. In 2017, I did a photoshoot that became popular and went viral worldwide, setting a trend on Instagram— a photoshoot with red glitter on Miami Beach, USA.

After that, I continued my career as a fashion and beauty photographer, successfully participating in music video shoots and doing personal photo sessions, covers for singles, and releases for celebrities and bloggers from both Ukraine and the USA. Among them are: Svitlana Loboda, Nyusha, Santa Dimopulos, Alla Kostromicheva, Miss Colombia Adriana Gutierrez, KAZKA, and so on.

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