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Revun Andriy

Born in 1985, lives in Ternopil.

Back in school, he was fascinated by astronomy, the starry sky, "meteor showers", looked at the texture of the Moon through a telescope, was interested in information about "black holes" (at that time, these were still only theoretical objects), was interested in the structure of the Sun, watched the eclipse in 1999 with fascination, and was even more fascinated by information about large-scale objects - galaxies. At the end of school, he started taking pictures. At first it was a Zorky, then a Zenith ET, and then, as a student, a Nikon D70s appeared, and I began my journey in digital photography.

While studying at the university, astronomy disappeared from my life for a while, but later, a few years later, my first attempts to make astro-landscapes brought back my interest in astronomy.

I follow astronomy news whenever possible and am an active member of the TerAstro astronomy club in Ternopil.

He participated in the Orange Revolution in 2004 (when he was studying at the university) and the Revolution of Dignity in 2014.

As a speaker for Nikon Ukraine, he gave lectures on astrophotography.

Through my work and activities, I try to popularize this rather difficult but very interesting genre of photography. In addition, I am a popularizer of Astronomy as a hobby and science, as the future of Humanity is impossible without the development of space technologies and the expansion of our species beyond the planet Earth. Before the COVID-19 pandemic and the introduction of quarantine, he was the owner of a photography studio.

With the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops, I joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine (spring 2022), where I am currently serving (late summer 2023).

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