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Danylo Pavlov

Danylo Pavlov has been a photojournalist since 2009, working in regional media in Donetsk and later with the media holding "Today" and the UNІAN agency. He also worked as a commercial photographer for several Ukrainian companies. His focus in photojournalism is on creating social photo stories and illustrating long-read reports.

In addition to his work in traditional media, Danylo also contributed to the online magazine "The Ukrainians" and later became responsible for the visual direction of the separate media outlet, "Reporters", which now exists both online and in print.

Danylo continues to photograph and cover events following the military invasion on February 24, 2022. He reports from de-occupied territories and military positions, and is currently working on a long photo project documenting the war's impact on military personnel and civilians who require plastic surgery. He also cooperates with the State Emergency Service, for which he was awarded the state badge of honor last year.

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