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Our results:
100 exhibitions
5 educational projects
10 grants for photographers
3 published books

Photography is one of the main languages through which Ukraine communicates with the world today.

It's an honest and powerful tool that captures evidence of war crimes. In a world full of fakes, sometimes words are not enough. A photograph, the authenticity of which is easy to verify, can be an irrefutable document that conveys the truth and prevents distortion and rewriting of events.

UAPP (Ukrainian Association of Professional Photographers) exists to unite, amplify voices, and protect the rights of Ukrainian professional photographers at both the national and international levels.

Now, after Russia's invasion, our mission has become even more critical - people from dozens of countries see the results of this work in the world's top media outlets.

Some of our colleagues have died. We must preserve their memory. Others risk their lives every day to show and tell the truth. We must support them.

Over the past 2 years, we:

  • Implemented over 200 projects: exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad, social, educational, and research initiatives;

  • Published two books and are working on three more;

  • Provided 10 micro-grants to support Ukrainian photographers;

  • Formed a community of 75 professional photographers.

Your donations will allow us to be heard and to develop all areas of supporting visual language.

The more support we receive, the more art and cultural heritage we can broadcast and produce, thereby changing the country for the better.

Become a patron to help Ukrainian photographers show the truth.

You can subscribe to monthly support for the "Ukrainian Association of Professional Photographers" project on Patreon and regularly suggest topics for our publications.

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