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Heorhii Ivanchenko

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Ivanchenko Georgiy (born in 2000) is a Ukrainian photographer who has been working as a freelance reporter in the field of documentary and journalistic photography since February 2022. From the first months of the invasion, he began shooting for the Associated Press and the European Press photo Agency. Starting from Borodyanshchina, where Georgiy was born, and continuing to travel along the front lines through Mykolaivshchina, Kharkivshchina, and Khersonshchina, his focus is now on Donetsk Oblast. A pivotal moment in his photography was the nearly one month he spent in Bakhmut. Throughout December-January, he documented the lives of the townspeople, carrying a backpack and a sleeping bag, sharing daily life with locals in basements, volunteers, medics, soldiers, and firefighters. In April, while working on material about Chasiv Yar in Donbas, his car was shot at and destroyed by a Russian shell. Currently, the author continues his reflection on the numerous situations he has encountered along his path and is working on creating his first project, “Way of War” (working title).

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