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Serhii Mykhalchuk

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Ukrainian cinematographer, Honored Artist of Ukraine.

Born on July 13, 1972, in the city of Lutsk. Graduated from the Kyiv Theater Institute named after Ivan Karpenko-Kary in 1994.


2000 — "The Law" (TV series) (Director Alexander Veledinsky, Russia)

2002 — "The Lover" (Director Valery Todorovsky, Russia)

2003 — "Mamay" (Director Oles Sanin, Ukraine)

2004 — "My Step Brother Frankenstein" (Director Valery Todorovsky, Russia)

2005 — "Contact" (Director Andrey Novoselov, Russia)

2006 — I.D. (Director Gassan Shmeit, Syria)

2008 — Las Meninas (Director Igor Podolchak, Ukraine)

2008 — "Illusion of Fear" (Director Alexander Kirienko, Ukraine)

2012 — "The Match" (Director Andrey Malyukov, Russia)

2013 — "The Guide, or Flowers Have Eyes" (Director Oles Sanin, Ukraine)

2015 — "Under Electric Clouds" (Director Alexey German Jr., Russia)

2017 — "Merry-Go-Round" (Director Igor Podolchak, Ukraine, Poland)

2018 — "Wild Field" (Director Yaroslav Lodigin, Ukraine, Netherlands, Switzerland)

2020 — "Ex" (Director Sergey Lysenko)

TBA — "Anna of Kyiv" (Director Iv Angelo, Ukraine, France)

In Sergey Mykhalchuk's portfolio, there are also works on documentary films, TV movies, music videos, and commercials.


1999 — Film Festival "Love Cinema," Lumière Brothers Silver Medal

2002 — San Sebastian International Film Festival, "Best Cinematographer" for the film "The Lover"

2015 — Berlin Film Festival: "Silver Bear for Outstanding Contribution to the Arts" for the film "Under Electric Clouds"

2019 — Golden Ziga "Best Cinematographer" for the film "Wild Field"

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