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Serhii Volkov

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Born and raised in the south of Ukraine, in the small town of Henichesk, on the coast of the Sea of Azov. In 2005, I enrolled in the Dnipro National University of Railway Transport named after Academician V. Lazaryan. In 2010, I graduated from the faculty of "Organization of Railway Construction" and received a degree as a "construction engineer." Worked for 4 years in my field of education.

I started my journey as a photographer in 2012. After moving to the city of Rivne in 2014, Sergiy fully devoted himself to photography and turned his passion into his favorite occupation. Main areas of activity include wedding photography and classic portraiture.

I am an award-winner and finalist in national and international photo exhibitions and competitions. I was named the TOP-1 photographer in Ukraine according to PROWEDaward in 2021. In 2019, I had a personal photo exhibition called "Faces of a Famous City."

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