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What did the international press publish in April? A selection of photos by Ukrainian documentary filmmakers

Photo by Yulia Kochetova on the pages of Die Ziet.Online

In April, American, British, Chinese, Italian and Australian media published photos by Ukrainian photographers. UAPF is proud of the documentary photographers whose photos represent their country in the international media and once again draw attention to the Russian-Ukrainian war.

The photographs of the winner of World Press Photo 2024 Yulia Kochetova have been repeatedly published on the pages of the British media The Guardian and the German newspaper Die Zeit.

Roman Pylypey's photos were published by The Washington Post and The Atlantic.

Olha Ivashchenko's photographs have been repeatedly published in the French newspaper Le Figaro and were published in the Canadian edition of The Globe and Mail.

Oksana Parafeniuk's photo of Russian shelling of Odesa was published on the front page of The New York Times, and The Washington Post published portraits of Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba.

In April, Serhiy Korovainyi's photographs of the 95th Separate Air Assault Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were on the front page of The Wall Street Journal.

The Washington Post published a photo of Oleksandr Babenko.

Yakiv Lyashenko's photos of the Kharkiv psychiatric hospital, which was hit by a Russian S-300 missile, were published by the Associated Press.

Images of Russian shelling of Kharkiv civilian Yevhen Maloletka appeared on the Associated Press website.

The photo of Oleksandr Magula from Chasovyi Yar was published by the Chinese media outlet Vision Times.

Reuters has added the works of Serhiy Nuzhnenko and Ivan Antypenko to its collection of images from the frontline of the Russian-Ukrainian war.

The photographs of the couple, Vlada and Konstantin Liberov, were used to cover news from Ukraine in the following media: The Guardian, Bloomberg, CNN, Politico, Business Insider, The Times, The Australian, IL Post, etc.

The works presented in this article are not the whole list of published photographs by Ukrainian photographers in foreign media. Therefore, we urge documentary filmmakers to feel free to write about their own foreign publications in their social networks and mention UAPF so that we do not miss any achievements in the next selections.

We worked on the material:

Researcher of the topic, author of the text: Vira Labych

Literary editor: Yulia Futey

Website manager: Vladislav Kukhar


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