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Language of photography

"The Language of Photography" is a social project implemented by the Ukrainian Association of Professional Photographers (UAPP) at the Kharkiv Educational-Rehabilitation Center for children with speech and hearing impairments.

Classes were conducted by an experienced educator, Ihor Chekachkov. These were general photography lessons, but they were adapted for children with hearing impairments. They covered the provision of basic photography skills, introduced the fundamentals of composition, systematized the knowledge acquired, and ultimately provided a tool for artistic self-expression and further development for children interested in photography.

Mstyslav Chernov, the General Director of the Ukrainian Association of Professional Photographers, notes: "We believe that children with hearing impairments can fully realize their creative flair and potential through the 'Language of Photography'. The project will give them the opportunity to engage in a dialogue with society thanks to their familiarity with photography or to pursue a career in the photographic field in the future."

Part 2

This time, with the support of the Modern Photography School STUDIO1, UAPP held a lecture at the Educational-Rehabilitation Center No.6 in Kyiv.

The students learned about the history of the development of photography and cameras, the art of composition, artistic framing, light, and color. The section on mobile photography and social journalism as a form of self-expression sparked interest among future Instagram bloggers. The lecture was positively received by all participants.

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