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Dream production or what a modern media machine offers

The media creates reality with a stream of images taken by journalists, videographers, and photographers. But is this entity, like a bright nightmarish dream, real? Associated Press video journalist Mstyslav Chernov and photographer Igor Chekachkov decided to find the answer this question in their own way.
The starting position of the exhibition is the debut novel of the international journalist of the Associated Press Mstyslav Chernov "Dreamtime". The book gives the directions for reflection, becomes a leading metaphor for talking about reality of mass media. Dream becomes a dissent that allows you to interpret the reality.
Dream is the most obvious form of interaction in the first half of the exhibition. The video installation "Media machina" is a room in a room, a black cube and each side is projected by the fragments of videos shot by Mstislav Chernov. The shots were taken during the past 5 years in more than 40 different countries: Syria, Iraq, Turkey, France, Belgium, Ukraine and others.

Another part of the exhibition is NA4JOPM8, photos by Igor Chekachkov. His shots were published by Forbes, National Geographic, The Guardian, Le Monde and other international media. This set also unites images from various spheres: the protests on the Maidan in Kharkiv or intimate scenes from private life. However, their artistic image was changed by accident. The hard disk with serial number NA4JOPM8 was broke and the archive was destroyed. The photos were partially restored and each image contains a defect. The art of the photographer was interfered by machine. Deconstruction took place in a certain way, which allowed to combine different photos into one unite.

The combination of the two artists' projects is obviously. Media Machine, as an installation, is a form and metaphor of created reality, while the NA4JOPM8 seria is a reflection on a reality that is disintegrated and deconstructed.

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