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A series of exhibitions "Tragedy of the 21st century in the centre of Europe"

The Ukrainian Association of Professional Photographers (UAPP), in collaboration with the Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Cyprus, organized a series of exhibitions titled "Tragedy of the 21st century in the centre of Europe", which took place in the cities of Nicosia, Sotira, and Larnaca. The events were charitable, and visitors had the opportunity to donate to the Journalism Emergency Fund, which supports journalists and photographers.

The horrifying and brutal images of the war presented to the viewers represent the reality in which the Ukrainian people have been living for over three months. It's a reality hard to believe in the 21st century. The obliteration of cities and villages, missile and artillery strikes on residential areas, thousands of dead and tortured civilians, and hundreds of soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the liberation of Ukraine. This nightmare continues. And Ukraine needs massive support from the global community to win this ruthless war and to restore its right to a free life and democratic values.

The exhibitions featured photographs by Mariana Kushnir, Vyacheslav Ratynsky, Oleksiy Furman, Alina Smutko, Max Levin, Katerina Moskalyuk, Serhiy Mykhailchuk, Serhiy Korovayny, Pavlo Dorogoy, Yurko Dyachyshyn, Yevhen Maloletka, and Mstyslav Chernov.

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