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Easter Terror in Kharkiv. The consequences of Russian attacks in the photographs of local documentary filmmakers

Consequences of the air strike on Kharkiv on Easter. May 5, 2024. Photo by Yakov Lyashenko

Russian troops conducted air strikes in the center of Kharkiv on Easter. Explosions were heard in the city around 3 pm. The Air Force warned of the danger of air strikes.

Apartment buildings and cars were damaged. Rescuers and medics are working at the scene. The aftermath response is ongoing.

Photo by Yakiv Lyashenko

"At the moment, medics are providing assistance to ten victims at two addresses where they were hit. The data is being updated. The occupants hit the private sector between the houses, there are damages to households, the blast wave damaged the windows," said the head of the regional administration Oleh Syniehubov.

Photo by Yakiv Lyashenko

Ten people were wounded as a result of a Russian strike on the central part of Kharkiv, Mayor Igor Terekhov said. Terekhov also congratulated the city's residents on the Resurrection of Christ, asking them to respond to air raid alerts: "May the bright holiday of Easter give us new strength in our struggle for truth and justice. The city's churches will be open throughout the day, but please remember to be safe. After all, even this day, Russians may try to use it for their terrorist purposes again."

Photo by Yakiv Lyashenko

On Saturday, May 4, Russians attacked Kharkiv at least twice: at night and during the day.

A fire caused by the evening shelling of Kharkiv. May 4, 2024. Photo by Yakiv Lyashenko

On Saturday, May 4, at 16:20, Russians attacked the city's civilian infrastructure, and six people sustained explosive and burn injuries: four women aged 39, 36, 21 and 18 and two 21-year-old men. All of them were employees of the enterprise. Private buildings next to the plant caught fire.

A fire caused by the evening shelling of Kharkiv. May 4, 2024. Photo by Heorhiy Ivanchenko

The Russians are continuously attacking Kharkiv with various types of weapons. On May 4, early in the morning, the city was attacked by drones.

Morning of May 4, 2024. Photo by Heorhiy Ivanchenko

On the night of May 4, the occupiers attacked the private sector of Kharkiv with attack drones, injuring 5 residents, including one child. Rescue workers fought the fire for five hours.


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