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The destroyed warehouse of Nova Poshta in Odesa after a ballistic strike in the photos by Tymofiy Melnikov and Oleksandr Gimanov

The Russian army struck again in Odesa. They hit the Nova Poshta warehouse. May 2, 2024. Photo by Oleksandr Himanov

On the evening of May 1, Russian troops attacked Odesa once again. The enemy attacked the warehouses and the Nova Poshta office. The information about the attack was confirmed on the official website of the national postal service. According to preliminary data, about 900 parcels were damaged and destroyed.

Photo by Timothy Melnikov

"The estimated value of all the parcels that were destroyed as a result of the strike will be compensated to customers in full. We will contact all recipients tomorrow. The parcels that were in transit have been redirected to the 3rd branch of Nova Poshta in Odesa," the company said.

Photo by Oleksandr Himanov

Nova Poshta said that there were no deaths or injuries among its employees. All 18 people who were on shift managed to hide in a shelter. The press service also added that the company will provide psychological assistance to every employee who worked that night.

The head of the Odesa regional military administration, Oleh Kiper, said that not only the post office warehouses but also civilian infrastructure was damaged as a result of the attack. "There are broken windows in the surrounding buildings. Law enforcement officers are recording another crime of Russians against the civilian population," wrote the head of the OMA.

Photo by Timothy Melnikov

He noted that a total of 14 Odesa residents suffered from the ballistic attack.

As a reminder, on Monday evening, April 29, Russians attacked civilian objects in Odesa. Russian troops struck with an Iskander-M missile with a cluster warhead. The attack killed five people and injured 32.


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